Bromley Common burst pipe: Biggin Hill wakes up without water - and Thames Water can’t say when it’ll be back on

By Luke King in Utilities

THE fallout from Friday’s burst pipe in Bromley Common reached Biggin Hill this morning, when large numbers of households woke to find there was no running water.

The failure means some local schools, including Charles Darwin, Biggin Hill Primary and Oaklands Primary, are closed for the day.

Earlier this morning Thames Water said customers in the TN14, TN16, BR2 and CR0 postcodes may be experiencing “low pressure or no water” owing to “high demand” for water following a burst pipe in Bromley Common on Friday afternoon.

Responding to angry tweets from local residents, Thames Water tweeted to say it was unable to give a time for service to resume, saying: “We understand how frustrating it is not getting a timescale on returning your water but honest answer is we don’t have one at this time.”

The company added: “We’re doing everything we can to get service back to normal quickly, and have been working through the night to pump as much extra water into our network as possible.

Bottled water is available for collection at the following locations

- Youth Centre, Church Road, Biggin Hill, TN16 3LB

- Halstead Village Hall, TN14 7EX

- Botley Hill Farmhouse, Limpsfield Road, CR6 9QH

- Franky & Benny’s, Farnborough, BR6 7DH

For updates, follow Thames Water on Twitter:

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stevekelly1 · 15 days ago · Report

if i dont pay my bill i get calls and texts and email demanding their money within a few hours of it being due, I have to wake to find a ruined day because they could not be bothered to let me know. I am not on twitter and they have no idea what social media I am or am not on so how do they communicate?useless.. and if you read their website it says they is low pressure in my area nothing more- i got more if here

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